Que La Vida Vale

Que La Vida Vale

"Lo que quiero decir
​Es que la vida vale
​Porque la vida vale
​Hay que vivir​"
— Que La Vida Vale by Natalia Lafourcade​

You have fallen. In love, in lust, in friendship, in something that no human palabras can describe. All you know is that you've happily and willingly (or so you think) bounded yourself to your Reine. You've known for some time now, that they're a Vampiré.

You also know, you're not the only one your Vampiré has bonded to, and that's okay. Usually. You're all trying to live together, to make the best of your life, on the precipice of becoming more, of having more than just one vida.

You all have agreed to become your Reine's thrall, to better protect yourselves against the society that is becoming more oppressive and anti-supernatural. But your Reine promises, you can always choose to leave. Things have been good, almost great, nearly perfect, save for what goes on outside of your little coven.

It's the eve of a new regime. And you've all gathered for once last fiesta under the moonless night. Your Reine knows something but only says "no te preocupes." A decision is fast approaching you. Is this new life of yours worth living? Are they all worth sacrificing for?

GameJam Version

Auteur : Diana Moon
URL : https://dianamoon.itch.io/vidavale
Email : [email protected]
ID Réseaux sociaux : Twitter/BlueSky @DianaMoon
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